Fancy Slaw

Fancy Sauce
Fancy Sauce Cold Slaw


15g/ ½ oz Red Onion Sliced thin

60g / 2oz Broccoli, Sliced thin

60g / 2oz Cabbage Sliced thin

60g / 2oz Brusselsprouts, sliced thin

30g / 1oz Kale, Shredded thin

30g / 1oz Carrots shredded thin

30g / 1oz Celery sliced thin

15g / ½ oz Red Cabbage sliced thin

15g / 1tbls Lemon juice

1g / ¼ teasp Salt

60g / 2tbls Lemon Garlic Fancy Sauce

Let’s Get Started:

If using a scale, set a bowl onto scale, zero out scale. Measure ingredients straight into bowl pressing zero on scale after each item. (Best way for consistent results and less to clean!)

Toss salad very well

Transfer to a serving bowl, enjoy !!!


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